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those like you who've lost their way, murdered on the interstate

2011 09 07 daily commute

tea today: Stash black ginger peach, which I love a lot
teacup today: earthbound arts

Breakfast is a sliced up Cortland apple and some goat cheese. I also had some ground cherries and two plums and a protein shake. Yay for the harvest season, ay for local produce.

And yet I am somehow still ravenous: that tuna for lunch needs to thaw faster. Possibly I will just sear it until the middle melts. GIVE ME THE PROTEIN AND NOBODY NEEDS TO DIE TODAY.

Today my work work is a thousand words on Shattered Pillars and an MFA rec letter for a colleague. If I could just get my brain online....

Skipped out on running this morning: it's delightfully misty and cool, but honestly I was freaking tired. And I have plans to climb this evening.

Hmm. About that tuna...
Tags: daily commute, quotidiana, tea

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