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bear by san

March 2017



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sf sapphire and steel kiss (darkness)

some are alive and some are dead. makes no difference when they're in your head.

The cats are refining their murder attempts.

This afternoon's subtlety: a fur mousy left right behind the door at the bottom of the stairs, so when I opened it as I descended, the door jammed and I stepped off the staircase right into the door.


That was better than the previous "wait behind the bathroom door to tackle your ankles at the top of the stairs when you emerge from the shower with foggy glasses" trick.
the kitty is bored, therefore you must provide new entertainment.
"If we pull this off we'll eat like kings!"
that is always implied with feline involvement. Never a downside to their endeavors.
Still one of my favorite Far Sides.
Ours just randomly sprawl in thoroughfares hoping to trip passers-by, or suddenly bolt into one's path while one is carrying something which occludes the area of the floor immediately in front of one's feet, like a laundry basket.
That's fiendish. I thought I lived with an evil animal.
You haven't been giving them enough air time.
That's a good one. I'm glad ours are either A) not smart enough to think of it or B) can't be bothered enough to set it up.
One of my cats decided to wake me up from a perfectly nice nap today by playing with my left eyeball. She also happens to be the cat who is unable to retract all of her claws due to polydactyly. It's just as well I don't sleep with one eye open... Even if the other cats are of the opinion that I should be smothered in my sleep.
Oh, dear, your cats are problem solving in plotting your downfall!
Those sneaky cats... How long did they giggle about it?
Hello, you don't know me but I've been loving your Criminal Minds posts, which then led me to your other posts which have all been enjoyable reads. I hope you don't mind if I friend you so that I can continue to follow you. :)
Come in! Be welcome! Have tea!

I took you at your word & added you without asking. Being a nicely brought up woman, I then looked for the private message option to thank you for being so generous.


I found you via heleninwales who recommended you as an antidote to pretension in the 'How To Be A Writer' world of bloggery.

She's right.
Nice to meet you :)

I am very very pleased to meet you!