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Well, I've read the first two stories in Shadows Over Baker Street--Neil Gaiman's and mine--and had the pleasant surprise that for once, I actually like the story better in print. One of the nice things about writing to a well-established formula (and perhaps undermining it a bit *cough*) is the way the framework shapes the structure of the story. It's freeing, in an odd sort of way.

Also, the copyediting on mine was just fine. Phew.

I also like period stories because it's a lot of fun to play off period ideologies against modern ones--I prefer to have my period characters think and act like period characters, rather than like modern people in period clothing. But that doesn't mean that one can't use the dichotomy to establish a bit of a dialogue between then and now. Along with the acknowledgement that 'now' isn't always necessarily more correct or advanced than then. Or maybe that's my anth training talking.

And nomail today.

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