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bear by san

December 2021



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drive train _ netcurmudgeon

i've got bridge club on wednesday archery on thursday dancing on a friday night

Nothing makes it obvious how your core strength is doing like practicing headstands and handstands.

I'm actually managing to pull myself away from the wall for almost a full second in headstand these days. That's progress! Despite having been intermittent in my practice since I got back from Armadillocon.

It's good to have room for improvement.

2011 09 08 daily commute

Tea today: Kusmi's brilliant Prince Vladimir chai, to which I was first introduced by kelliem
Teacup today: greeny blue one from Baltimore

Now to go kill some words until it's time to go to archery.


Gorgeous mug, that one.
Prince Vladimir is my boyfriend. Hanne Blank introduced us.
She has good taste in men.
If I ever decide I want one, I'm going to commission her to find him. Until then, M. le Prince will keep me warm.
Ah, Prince Vladimir, my frequent bed-fellow and companion. He does enjoy books, both to read and to see them written. At least in this household.
Oh yes. And he never minds if you're a bit distracted by a novel.
Oooo... I know and ADORE some of their other teas, but I am not familiar with the Prince. *schemes to track him down*
Of all of them, the Prince is my favorite.

Re: Aha!

No, that was Teavana. I've been drinking Kusmi for years.

Re: Aha!

*g* My roomie likes teavana.