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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

give me a pig foot and a bottle of a beer

darling today:  It was not the Wizard Hong's first execution, nor even his first burning.

I'm still using my birthday mug, because it's my birthday mug and I can:

2011 09 12 daily commute

2000 words, which gets me to 20K, and also past 100 pages. A quarter of a book! There, that feels like some PROGRESS has been MADE.

I am trying to decide if tomorrow, I get to describe a daring rescue, or an immolation. Or maybe I will put that off for a few days while I think about it, and I will work on this confrontation at court. Mostly today I have been describing architecture.

I love my job.


Okay - *RALLY* like that mug.
Is Wizard Hong part of the audience, or part of the, um, performance?
Wait and see.
It's a lovely darling! But if it doesn't need to be in the book, then it needs to not be in the book.
I love that sentence.
And yay 20k!
Ooooh! IMMOLATION. I vote immolation.
self-inflicted, I hope. (the best kind...)
I love my job

And I love to see you saying this.
Immolation, daring hexcape... I CAN'T DECIDE. If only there was a way to have both.
Immolation as distraction allowing the rest of the party to effect the Daring Escape (TM)?
'Grats on the word count! It is an awesome line of work.
tersa picked it out
She did good.