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bear by san

March 2017



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no sleep 'till brooklyn

Man, I wish I'd thought of that song while I was writing Whiskey & Water.

Good climbing night tonight--ten routes, and I had the stamina to do more, but not the hands.

And there were photographs. For comparison's sake, here a couple of pics of me climbing in May of 2008.


And here are two from tonight:


Yes, that is the same corner, with a different paintjob.

My footwork's improved a lot, and my hip-in on that last shot makes me supremely happy.

Also, if you were wondering, that's what fifty pounds look like. And man, is it easier to climb without it. The remaining forty-five can join it as soon as it wants.


You are a smaller person!
What a difference - I think you've just motivated me! (I need to loose much more than 50.)

Edited at 2011-09-13 02:16 am (UTC)
By the time I'm done, the total will be close to 130.
Those climbs must be very good exercise. I need to lose about the same amount but I'm semi-immobilised so the chances aren't too good. I couldn't have climbed like that even at 20 but they say that swimming is very good; do you swim?
I do. When I started getting fit again, it was just walking and easy yoga.
You look awesome, girl. Go get 'em!
Wow! Lookin' extremely good there, woman!
wow. I could totally see the difference in those two sets of pictures.
Thank you so much for being open and sharing this process of yours (including piccies~), every little bit of good-example-people-taking-care-of-themselves helps change my own paradigm.
Looking good!! Keep up the great work! One of the benefits to going to such an expensive private college is the brand new shiny Markin Center with the two story rock wall. They have "family day" on the weekends, so one of these weekends when the planets align and I have a moment of free time I am taking the kiddo. She loves Rock walls and is massively eager to tackle that one!
You look AWESOME! Go you!
Also, it makes you functionally taller (improves your reach) because it brings your shoulder in to the wall, and if you're going to do a one-legged squat, you'd rather do it with a leg under you than off to one side.
Awesome! I haven't climbed in years but this makes me want to get back into it.
Your butt's a lot smaller too. Brava!!!
You look so much more athletic in the recent pictures, as well as there being less of you. :)

You look stronger in the second set, and more sure. Soooooo cooool.

Yes, stronger is the word. You look like you are steaming up that wall!
I am, yes, a *lot* stronger. Stamina better too.
OK, my rock climbing days are 'way behind me - and that was before they had inside walls, anyway - but your technique's looking good.

Also, in case no one mentioned it, someone stole part of your buttocks.
Maximally motivational. And yeah, you can tell the difference with the balance--now you're part of the wall, instead of at limb's length.
Yay climbing pics, looking good on the walls. :) If you come out to the bay area for any cons, I will have to take you climbing at Planet Granite.