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bear by san

March 2017



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writing eternal sky rog

i ain't crazy bout that mercury

It's publication day for Blood and Other Cravings, edited by ellen_datlow, in which you will find not only my story "Needles" (which is a bit of a Near Dark homage, and some other things) but also stories by Carol Emshwiler, Margo Lanagan, Laird Barron, Barry Malzberg... oh, just go look at the table of contents.

Still hacking away at Shattered Pillars. Four more pages today.


my story "Needles" (which is a bit of a Near Dark homage, and some other things)

. . . I really need to see that film.
Yes, you do.
What a great cover!
That is some gorgeous cover-karma.
I recently watched Near Dark again (first time was very bad quality video) and wow. Just wow. So I rec it.

And Bear's story "Needles," which I've heard her read at least twice now is really powerful. Read that!

And I'm very happy with the cover too :-)
Just bought this, because hey, Ellen Datlow. But even without that, I can finally read the ending to your damn story (which I heard the first half of at your reading at WFC last year).

@Ellen you might find it interesting to know that for a while, Near Dark was a "lost film" -- that is, no one knew where any prints of it were! So you could only watch in on crappy old VHS. I presume they've found masters of it since I heard that, unless the Blu-Ray is a REALLY bad transfer.
Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.