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bear by san

March 2017



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writing steles burning

there might have been things i missed, but don't be unkind

Speaking of Range of Ghosts and the Eternal Sky, the redoubtable coffeeem (I have to count the effs and ees every time) sent me a chunk of purple volcanic salt, as seen in the novel. ;-)

It's a major plot point, actually.

volcanic salt 004

Isn't it pretty? Tastes a little sulfurous, too!


My dad found a block of bright purple salt once when he was hunting in York county PA.

He brought home a chunk of it, and you could see where animals had bitten off bits of it.
Over the summer I learned that some geology books actually use taste as a way to identify certain water-soluble salts, like halite.

This lead to plenty of jokes from the astronomers about licking rocks.
Taste was one of the diagnostics we used in the mineralogy course I took last year.

I was a little hesitant to lick the in-class rock samples, though, given that they'd probably passed through several generations of geology students to get to me.
I remember our Martian geologists* making the some observation about their mineralogy courses.

* Read: the astronomers who know more geology than astronomy, because they do study rocks, but extraterrestrial rocks.
'Martian geologist' would be a job title awesome enough to convince me to change my major.
My parents have a lamp that's made of giant squarish salt crystals in shades of pink and yellow, with lights stuck in hollows beneath them. Every time I see it, I want to lick it.
The had those lamps when I worked at Wild Oats. They were supposed to release beneficial ions into the air or something. They were certainly pretty.
Huh. Wonder how I'm gonna archive that. *scratches head*
I plan to eat it, thank you.
It's official. Your friends are cool. :D
the redoubtable coffeeem (I have to count the effs and ees every time)

There is a local construction company, with a very prominent sign outside the building next to our apartment, called Coffeen Construction. We moved in two weeks ago, and still, every time I leave for work, I do a "wha-- coffeeem?" double-take.
I know! Purple salt!