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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy

and you blow out all your candles one by one. and you curse yourself for things you've never done.

Briards, napping

Ace and his best girlfriend share the prime under-table space at dinner last night...

And a hopefully non-defective woolly bear caterpillar that claims we will have an easy winter this year:

Woolly bear

Having no black stripes at all!

In a little bit here, I must record a podcast. Right NOW, I must answer some interview questions.


Augh! That looks very much like the caterpillar that gave me a terrible rash after falling off a tree straight into my cleavage.
So many types of fluffy fuzziness! Though I'd be more inclined to pet the former than the latter.
So up north there's agreement about the meaning of orange/black proportions? Around here, the old-timers have yet to agree whether it's the orange or the black that means a hard winter. One thing they do agree on, though: Whatever the woolly worm you show them looks like, *that* is the colour that means a hard winter.
Yup. Hardness of winter is determined by width of black stripe and fuzziness of coat.

This one was very fuzzy, but all orange. And very engaging and active, too. Fastest caterpillar I have ever handled.

of course, it had been eating my basil, so it might have been extra peppy.
It is probably a global warming caterpillar.
Global warming? with all that fur??
The dogs are adorable together.
Ace loves his girl.

Re: 'Your search "shadow unit 8" did not match any products in: Kindle Store'

Bring it to the message board: the ebooks are not my department.
Ghu, I hope that caterpillar's right. After last winter, we could use a bit of a break.
Awwww!! He's a CUTE wooly bear.
Is he not? I wish I'd gotten a shot of his adorable little face and zoomy way of racing about.