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bear by san

March 2017



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writing eternal sky rog

can't this wait till i'm old? can't i live while i'm young?

via Bad Astronomy, a view from the Himalayas to the depths of the cosmos. Wish I'd had this shot when I was writing a particular scene in Range of Ghosts.

But that's okay. I'll find a use for it yet, never fear.

Milky Way above the Himalaya


Wow. That is absolutely fantastic.
*is speechless*
(sings) I love the whole world/I love astronomy...
That would make extremely cool cover art. (WIth a protagonist added in, of course.)
Actual cover art for the first book in my series that in part takes place in the Himalayas:


(thank you)
That really is a stunning view! It's a shot that will do nicely for a number of different stories as well. Color out of space? Mountains? Science fiction-hero longing for the stars? I wish I could se it in real life.
That is gorgeous.
That is amazing. Purty. Breathtaking. And that is is where I am going next summer....the mountains obviously as my starship is getting repaired...
Bring back photos. ;-)
Yes. For once, I will need a camera. One can take in only so much splendour before overload...but a sky like that...you capture it on film and you can overload anytime... :)
Do you know what we call the Milky Way in hindi/sanskrit?
The Heavenly Ganges? That was the name I found when I was researching my Bangalore story. I hope I got it right. *g*

Love the icon.

And pretty close - Akashganga, or the Ganga that flows in the sky. We wouldn't call it the heavenly Ganga because it is the river that flows through all the three worlds...a divine river [and goddess] who was brought down to earth from the heavens and then guided into the netherlands [patal lok] to lift a curse on King Sagar's 6000 rude [and much deceased] sons...
And what Bangalore story? And is _Range of Ghosts_ out?
Range of Ghosts is next march. The Bangalore story will be in the January Asimov's (which will probably be out in October or November) and is called "In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns."

*g* I can send you a copy if you like! email me a reminder at matociquala at gmail dot com.
Oh, my word, that is GORGEOUS.