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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter oops

let me loosen up the blindfold

Ooops. Guess who just failed blood donation? Hemoglobin .2 too low!

Alas. Guess I did not abuse red meat enough this menstrual cycle. Or maybe scheduling it for the day after my cycle stopped was a bad idea? Naah.

Or possibly I drank too much tea.

I know. "Too much tea." You wouldn't think it possible. But it does limit iron absorption.

RX: eat some damned cow, red wine, and spinach and go back in a couple of days. Oh, it's so hard being me.

Also, thank you to the entire internets for the birthday wishes. You guys are amazing.


Joe’s Special is my favorite use for spinach, and in contention for the real San Francisco treat. (The It’s-It also being a contender.)
I was told to always eat a tuna sandwich about 30min before donating.
If it's only by a small margin ask the doctor to repeat the check on your earlobe. That usually does it for me. Blood around the head has a higher hb concentration.
Hm, that's odd. I'm a vegetarian and drink about two to six cups of tea a day and I never have trouble giving blood. I gave about a month ago. Maybe more leafy greens?
You are not me. Nor am I you.
This is true. Our bodies will definitely handle iron absorption, etc. differently.
Have you been eating a lot of fava beans? Your physical appearance admittedly doesn't suggest the sort of ancestry that would make you a likely candidate for favism, and the condition tends to afflict males, but I figured I'd mention it in the interest of thoroughness.
No, and no. I just have a very slightly low hemoglobin count, people, when I have just had my damned period. It's a one-day deferral.

Remind me not to mention it again.
Sorry about that--and I imagine that that may have been particularly out of line from someone who shows up chiefly for the Criminal Minds post-game analyses.

(I plead guilty to having just read </i>Why Some Like It Hot</i>.)
(And to just having gotten the link formatting inside out; it still works, though.)
No problem. *g* I have a strongly allergic reaction to unsolicited advice, is all, and boy that brought on a rash of it.
Happy Birthday moarz

Jay, fellow blood test failer
Blood, you see, is compulsory.
We can't do you love and rhetoric without the blood.
Wait, you too? My MiL and a high school friend of mine are also sharing a birthday today!

Well, I will psychically share some of the cinnabon cake I'm making for dinner.
And frodo and bilbo. and snurri.
Goodness, it is a good day then!
I suggest staying away from sleeping with gay/bi men as well. Ruined my changes for good. Women apparently become "clean" if they lay off queer men for a while
No gay cooties on me any more.
Having read your books, I'd say you have a hell of a lot. Just not the blood tainting kind.
Except the normal ones.
Honestly? I lie through my teeth about that one. The phrasing is just so homophobic that fuck them.

Edited at 2011-09-22 09:58 pm (UTC)
I'm more of a 'destroy all closet doors' sort in that case. If they ask, I tell. I get hit up for blood at cons a lot because Heinlein society types are at a lot of the cons I go to. They ask, I say "I'd love to, but I cant", and INVARIABLY, the poor saps ask "why.

I tell them I fuck men. Usually in that exact wording.
Happy birthday, Bear!

(Also failed giving blood on tuesday. passed out right in the chair, first time that's ever happened to me.)
You might try eating non-damned bovine first ...i'm told the flavor is better.
Vitamin C helps absorb iron. Eat some oranges with them.
RX: eat some damned cow, red wine, and spinach and go back in a couple of days.

Over here, if you test below the required level, not only do they not take, but they won't take at the next scheduled session either. They did this to me once even though they had in fact not been able to perform the confirmation test (which I have never failed) due to a logistics problem of their making. I was not happy.

Also, belated happy birthday! :)
Okra, almonds, black beans, raisins, peas. . . Nutz. Now I'm hungry.