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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

it's not worth dying for

The library is packed, to very spurious tolerances of packed.

Tomorrow, the living room.

Man, I have a lot of books. And there are still the ones in the office and my bedroom to go, and the cookbooks.

Still, that's well-begun. If I can do the living room tomorrow, and finish the office on Thursday, that just leaves the kitchen and my bedroom for when I get back from VP.

Moving Day, if you live in southern New England and know where I live (or know me well enough to ask) and want to carry boxes, is October 22.  There will be sody pop and pizza and probably rather a lot of esoteric alcohol.

If I can find it once we've moved everything.


The esoteric alcohol is definitely worth exploring, I can vouch for that!

My calendar says we'll be without nearly-adolescent-boy assistance on the 22nd, because he'll be camping with the Scouts. So maybe we won't have to pretend to be all grown up and responsible and stuff. 8-)


Hey, send me an email? I seem to have misplaced your address.
Ugh, you have my sympathy! My husband and I are moving the second week of October November, to a new townhouse one street away. We aren't even bothering to pack our (thousands of) books - we're buying new bookcases, building them in the new place, and then carting them over one shelf at a time in laundry baskets! I don't even know what we're going to do with the rest of the house.

Re: Companion to Wolves/Tempering of Men

Thank you very much! We're having fun with them!
Man, I have a lot of books.

Ah, the good life. Hope the move goes well.

Don't read LJ before coffee

I read this in bed, bleary eyed and looking for excuses not to get up. I thought it said sodomy and pop and pizza. I slowly blinked and then sody came into focus. That's one way to wake up!
Lugnut woj and I are around on Oct. 22 and have some moving karma to repay. If you need us either DM me details or my e-mail is my ljusername at gmail. :)
You left your books alone together at night, didn't you?

I have discovered that whenever I do this, they breed. Two hardbacks=one litter of paperbacks in the morning. You can extrapolate from that.