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"Is this an order?"

being a review (of sorts) of Criminal Minds  07x02, "Proof," written by Janine Sherman Barrois, directed by Karen Gaviola.

NB: the next two weeks' commentary will be delayed due to VP, moving, romantic entanglements, and so forth.

Prentiss, don't lie.

Hee. Rossi can cook.

And JJ pushes the remote to Garcia.

You know, the horror of the blinding scene was more effective the first time. The flashback before the credits isn't doing it.

JJ all in black is very elegrant.

Ed Kemper, drink.

JJ's windblown hair is gorgeous.

Passive-aggressive Reid is passive-aggressive, and Morgan and Prentiss banter like old times. "Smell the urine?" "Thought that was air freshener."

And the COTW is a black woman. Huzzah!

"Just because you're homeless doesn't mean you're carless."

Wow, we're going totally horror movie on this one. 

Heh. Reid and JJ conversation in subtext.

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed."

The Reid-JJ-Hotch dynamic in this is just awfully painful.

Reid cracks the case! While still being an emotionally wounded ten year old. No, all those references to his mom are not accidental.

And Morgan is beautiful and brilliant and gorgeous. Man, he's grown up a lot.

"You carried my coffin."
"Yeah, I sure did. What was in that thing, anyway?"

Hotch & Rossi scene is wonderful. Manipulative Hotch is manipulative.

Man, they are getting a lot of plot into this episode awfully quickly.

Scene with the family is intense. And wow, talk about a return to the CM roots--the focus on the emotional trauma of the family and the damage to everybody involved.

Ooo, death's head Hotch. And good cop Rossi. Shocking.

Wow, that's disturbing.

And Morgan with the handful of tapes.

Reid and Prentiss on the plane--there's a whole great cycle of these scenes.

Aww, Reid. Yes, your actions do have an effect on everybody around you.

And Prentiss totally stuffs her face. ;-)

Uh oh, more eating. And that's the first time we've seen Reid drink alcohol since Season 2, I think. I guess he is feeling more in control.

Love the thematic thing with JJ-the-Liar, the pathologically lying or deluded UNSUB, and the damage both do.

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