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who took away the part so essential to the whole, left you a hollow body, skin and bone?

The special edition of the MIT Technology Review featuring near-future science fiction stories by Cory Doctorow, Joe Haldeman, Pat Cadigan, Geoffrey Landis, Ma Boyong, Tobias Buckell, Paul DiFilippo, Gwyneth Jones, Ken Liu, Ken MacLeod, Vandana Singh, and me hits newstands next week. Seriously, I do not manage to read all of every anthology I am in. But this one... I will be sitting down with immediately when my copies arrive. (They may already be waiting for me at home.)

My story in this one, "Gods of the Forge," is set in the same future--although definitely not the same place or time--as my forthcoming stories "In the House of Aryaman, a Lonely Signal Burns" (in the next (January) Asimov's) and "The Salt Sea and the Sky" (Brave New Love, Paula Guran, ed., March 2012). It's part of my ongoing attempt to envision a rigorously extrapolated, nonDystopian near-future world.

And it bears an interesting relationship to a much more Dystopian future--or in that case--past that I've written about extensively, but I want to give people a chance to figure it out on their own.

Never fear, I'm not going to go all contrived future history on you and try belatedly to link all my SF novels into one retcontinuity. Because it's not nice, and people can tell.

In other publication news, Amazon informs me that the MMPB of The Sea thy Mistress drops Nov. 1. So if you were holding out for the cheap version, it's nearly here! And if you really wanted the trade hardcover... get it quick!

The 100 Year Starship Survey is going very well--fascinating talks, too many tracks to keep tabs on, and a variety of smart, interesting, passionate people hurling ideas around at a projected .12 C. I think I need to go so a headstand for a bit, to give my brain a chance to drain out before I dive back in.
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