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interplanet janet, she's a galaxy girl

Two (three sir) three things:

New! Shadow Unit. In which those deceived cope with the aftermath...

and this is just a reminder that I will be appearing with other Supernatural Noir authors at a library event in New Jersey on October 24th at 7 PM.

This will be at the Pequannock Township Public Library, 477 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ. Also appearing will be Ellen Datlow, John Langan, Richard Bowes, and Jeffrey Ford. It should be a pretty good party: come on down

Also, that boy I like is arriving for a visit tomorrow, and sartorias is coming on Thursday, and Viable Paradise is next week, and I am moving the week after that.

So if I seem like I'm not around much, that would be because I am not around much.

If you miss me, you can always read one of my books!
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