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it was years ago, god knows, when you strained to tell me your whole truth

First, the bad news: in the interests of not dying while trying to drive exhausted, I am afraid I have been forced to cancel my appearance at the Supernatural Noir reading on October 24 at the Pequannock Township Public Library in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. I am, alas, just too crazy tired, and no sign of it letting up until after WFC.

I just dropped scott_lynch off at the airport. We had a great day in Northampton with blackholly and her esteemed spouse Theo, including delicious, delicious brunch at the Green Bean. Hippie diner chow, zomg.

It's going to be weird not hearing him typing away out of the corners of my ears: I seem to have gotten pretty used to his presence in the last couple of weeks.

Now, I get to pack up my bedroom and the office closet. Tomorrow, the kitchen, and then any lingering stray objects.

Tags: bear appearances, great relocation, that boy i like

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