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that forgetting embellishing lying machine

Last night, took a break from packing to jaunt up to Northampton and see Mr. Andrew Bird performing with Martin Dosh. It was, as usual, a very good time. And Bird told a funny story about working on the new Muppet Movie that I am way to frazzled to recollect sufficiently to relate back to you. But it involved Kermit in a Hugh Hefner mansion in Malibu, in his retirement, wandering around in his bathrobe.

Bird's concerts are the perfect storm of gentle nerdiness--and sometimes he'll stop himself in the middle of a song--"wait!"--and try something different, or correct an error, which gives the whole proceedings a general air of sitting around in the living room noodling with nerdy musical friends.

Also, his lyrics are brilliant. He's prone to weird curious articulate impressionistic little songs about toxic relationships considered through a convoluted metaphor (the Singularity, a mah-jong game, the Enigma machine) or about neurology and/or existential despair ("A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left" is the only song of which I am aware about tardive dyskinesia; "Imitosis" is about... well, how science proves that you can never actually know anything or anyone, including yourself.)

There was a lot of new material, including a followup/self-response to "The Naming of Things" entitled "Lazy Projector," which concerns itself with the selective nature of memory. I think I love it.

I've learned that I'm kind of sad that I'm going to be at WFC for Halloween. The new house is on the town green, and apparently the town buses in school kids from all over the district to trick or treat the neighborhood.

The turnout is so big that the town gives away supplemental candy to neighborhood homes to help meet demand.

Oh man.

Tomorrow is move day. I am strung out, overwhelmed, and exhausted, and please don't ask me to make any decisions about anything for the next month.

Now I have to go pack the dishes. Once I eat some protein. Breakfast tomorrow will be had in a cafe, oh yes.
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