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he said yes to life for all of his life but then one day he said no

I am taking a break from unpacking to watch it rain out my new front windows, from which I have a lovely view of Brookfield Common.

Next, further unpacking, and picture hanging, and then some small shopping, and then packing for WFC, where I will be publicly available at the Blood and Other Cravings reading in the Tor suite at 3 pm on Friday and at a panel on immortals in fantasy at 5 pm on Saturday... and, of course, the rest of the time if you want me I will be in the bar with Joni Mitchell and that boy that I like.

My plane leaves at oh dark thirty tomorrow morning. Someday I'll learn to show up on Wednesday afternoon with the cool kids and get an early start on my carousing.

But this year, what with everything else, was not that year.

Then, when I get home, it's time to get serious about finishing Shattered Pillars.

Oh yes.

Tags: bear appearances, great relocation, that boy i like

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