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lord it makes me grateful

WFC: Not so shabby*, though the tradition of absolutely fucking awful WFC venues continues: no free wireless, confusing campus, everything spread out widely, and we couldn't get served at Kelly's with a $100.00 on a fishing line. The resort looked like the sort of place Mission: Impossible would have used in the 60s to shoot an Eastern European dictator's compound.

At least San Diego was close by, for frequent escapes.

*Many were the beers, much was the music, and frequent were the awesome conversations with people I adore. Also, that boy I like was usually around somewhere.

In other news, the Halloween episode of the SF Squeecast is up (and I'm a day late, I know) and I have a story in the new issue of Apex Magazine. A subscription is $19.95 and individual issues are $2.99, but the current issue is available for free on the website.

They also have an interview with who? YES! Me!

Also, I did a brief foodie interview with Lawrence Schoen over here. 

And man, do I have some catching up to do.

Yours from DIA, where the plains are endless and the wireless is free....

Now I have to go home and write a book.
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