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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid forgive yourself

you're only fooling yourself.

I am going to have to admit that I am declaring Criminal Minds bankruptcy. I have a book due in two months, and I'm still not recovered from the insanity that has been my lot since... um. It's been like two years of nonstop go, hasn't it?

Anyway. Please feel free to use this space to discuss the episodes I missed commenting on, and tonight's episode, which is sadly also likely to miss exegesis. I'm sorry and I will try to do better next week.

Love, Bear.

In better news, I just got a huge pile of author copies! 


Another gig bites the dust

It's a good thing you've been busy the last two years. I look forward to reading the results of all that work.

Regret that RoF is folding again and you won't be telling us about new books in those pages in future. Just read at their site that October is the last ish. Sigh.

Re: Another gig bites the dust

It is sad.
Season 7, Episode 3 - "Dorado Falls"

Someone please tell me I wasn't alone in wondering if the protagonist was called "Luke" specifically so we could make the "Luke! I am your father!" joke :P

(I'm so going to the special hell)
When will they be done working their way through a textbook of neurological disorders? I am really looking forward to that day.
They look great. Also congratulations on arriving home safely and missing the storm-related excitement.
Missing storm-related excitement is apparently what I do these days.
Write books. Sell books. Receive money. Buy Criminal Minds box set. Watch box set.
THIS. *grin*
Do what you need to do. I'll look forward to your comments if/whenever you get around to them (but if you don't, you don't), because the writing has been intense, and mostly in good ways. Some of the visuals are intense to the point of bordering on torture porn,but they're matched up with such interesting and heartbreaking developments re: the team and the unsub that I'd almost think the writers were aware of how frustrated people were at various points last season.
Writers? Why are you making so many of the victims in "Epilogue" idiots? You are out in the wilderness, you *do not* go with some guy who approaches you, given that there is someone killing people around the lake.

Also, Dave? You *always* have choices. Always.
Oh, and I also meant to say -- do what you need to do. We'll see you when you get back. : )
I was tired and trying not to doze off last night, so I need to rewatch, but...

When Reid was talking about his near-death experience, I was surprised that he didn't mention any of the medical theories that have been proposed to explain the "bright light" and other phenomena that have been experienced.

I wasn't surprised that Emily was the one Rossi opened up to; those two have kind of been each others confessor/spiritual advisors for a while now. Since "Demonology", at least.
Criminal Minds' three theories for what happens after death: warm and welcoming light; cold and dark; and David Bowie.
I'll take C.

"Very popular choice."

my favorite line



Re: my favorite line

Wondergeektwin powers... activate?
I skipped the other messages because I've been taking your lack of time to justify my lack of time for CM. As it stands, I've only seen the first 3 episodes, sadly.