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they froze up halfway down in the ice

According to my mother, there are still nearly half a million people without power--she wasn't sure if that was in Southern New England, or the whole region. It's getting hard to tell the nor'easter damage from the hurricane damage from the tornado damage around here--just how long has that tree been down?

The roads are mostly clear, though there are shattered telephone poles and wires everywhere. The gorgeous old magnolia at my old place is a total loss--down all over the driveway, completely destroyed. It's not the only one.

We had a totally unrelated incident last night. Apparently the tub leaks... which I found out around midnight last night when I went downstairs to the pantry and found water dripping through the ceiling. So this week's extravaganza is getting that dried out, and then Saturday we'll probably pull down the ruined ceiling panel and see what exploded. Ah, the simple joys of homeownership.

At least I didn't turn on the ceiling light and electrocute myself. That would have been embarrassing.

And now I have to go do yoga and write a lot, punctuated by taking the dog for a walk. Or two, since my new town is so tiny that one lap around the outside is only about two miles.
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