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volstead we don't think much of your act: it isn't funny

tyop: "He leaned around the helm to kill her." Well, that's not the cute romantic scene I thought I was writing.

This "Not tracking wordcount" thing seems to be helping with the ZOMG MY BOOK SUCKS DEADLINE LOOMING anxiety. My current goal is 200 pages by Saturday; I have 174, so that seems pretty doable--but I'm trying not to obsess about page counts, either. My current daily goals are measured in scenes.

So: I want to finish Chapter 8 today. One long exciting scene (bouldering the medieval city!) to get through, and a couple of short plotty ones. And then back to Chapter 9, and the epidemiology. (Epidemiology, economics: fantasy: I'm doing it wrong.)

stillsostrange and I proof-of-concepted this in Stockholm this summer:

2011 06 20 Stockholm 067
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