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i'm putting tinfoil up on the windows, lying down in the dark to dream

I just hit 201 pages and 40,050 Microsoft words/50,250 manuscript words on Shattered Pillars, counting outline notes. Since the book is supposed to run about 500 pages long in standard manuscript format, this is a very good sign that it might in fact be getting finished on deadline--especially since I am almost always slower on the first half of a book than the second half.

In any case, I've moved from the phase where I have no idea how I'm going to come up with enough stuff to fill a whole book to the phase where I'm like, zomfg there's no way I can cram all this plot and cool shit into another 300 pages. Which is also always a very positive sign that this is all going according to plan.

And I'm actually kind of enjoying what I'm writing. I think this wilfully not closely tracking wordcount thing is working out. I'm keeping an eye on my pages, but somehow that's currently stressing me out less.

I'm going to write as much as possible tomorrow and Friday, and then I am taking the weekend off. Among other things, there's a tub to finish fixing, and a chest freezer to lug to the basement, and a big branch broken mostly through high up in a tree in the side yard that needs to be removed the rest of the way before it becomes a class-A widowmaker. Also, there's an 11/11/11 party I want to go to Friday night. ;-)

Also, it'd be nice to have a day off to do some kayaking and see my friends and stuff. As long as I can still be assured of knocking this deadline out of the park.
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