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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds jj this is the lie

"boom! pulverized!"

Being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 7x07, "There's No Place Like Home," written by Virgil Williams, directed by Rob Spera.

Obvious greenscreen is obvious. And I want this guy's powers of weather prediction.

Will said petrie dish! Aww, trouble in paradise. This sounds like Hotch/Haley conversations from back in the day. And yeah, Rossi and Hotch can relate on the dead wife issue.

Did JJ just lie to Will about missing kids? No, just omitting that these were teenagers.

Garcia is rocking the Victorian full mourning. Everybody in black.

Sleazy unsub is sleazy.

I love this M.E. Love.

"Mom, can I borrow the jet?"
"I think the budget oversight committee might not appreciate my generosity."

And Reid cracks the case!

Grave robberies are a theme of the week for me.

Oh, Garcia, your boyfriend does the same thing. Of course you can talk about how your day was.

JJ cracks the case!

Nice job making us like the ultimate victim  I'm not sure that Yet Another Tool Clone counts as another summertime classic that can be tarred with unpleasant associations forever, however.

If JJ hadn't been there? Morgan TOTALLY would have tackled that tornado. TOTALLY.


"This sounds like Hotch/Haley conversations from back in the day. "

This! And one of the ways I know that The Show is back is that they didn't feel the need to explicitly *say* that's what they're doing; we're back to writers that respect the audience!
And it doesn't explain why Hotch, haggard and weary-looking, lets JJ go off and be a parent when she needs to.

My Show!
If JJ hadn't been there? Morgan TOTALLY would have tackled that tornado. TOTALLY.

*peals of laughter* Now that I want to see! :)
CM seems to be doing its best work, these days, with JJ. That very last scene was lovely.
Yeah, but I worry about where they're going with JJ, struggling between parenthood and her job. We just got her back!
Whatever they do, it will hurt. That's what they do.

And I share the M.E. love.
And the situation is further complicated by Josh Stewart's (and consequently Will's) stony unreadability--although I can't claim to share the skill in micro-expression-sniffing that a lot of folks here seem to possess.
I consider this the episode where CM officially jumped the shark. Frankenstein?! Tornadoes?!? REALLY????
I plead guilty to having jumped to the Frankenstein conclusion the moment that it was established that the UNSUB was collecting body parts, and was rather surprised to be vindicated by the narrative.

(That was actually my second crack theory re the UNSUB's personal mythology; I initially mistook the crowbar for a hammer. As it turned out, no Norse deities appearing in heavily-licensed blockbuster movies were harmed in this episode.)
I was a little concerned that the troubled runaways all die, but the "untroubled" teen was saved. I feel like it's been a while since we've had a truly rough ending and this could have been one.
Yeah, I was kind of feeling that way too.
Although (in keeping with Our Show's track record of inverting gender cliches) it was the Final Boy for once.
Still working on the end of last season so no comment here, but this post no tags.
I thought I might have seen a few fins, through the flying debris, darkly. Fervently hope I'm wrong.

Reid interrupts his own infodump! That impending 3-0 thing is really starting to kick in.

I thought the last victim had a little too much echo of The Good Girl Survives horror movie trope, but I guess if you're doing sort of a pastiche on Fronkensteen, that's not out of place. At least he largely saved himself in that he kept fighting until the cavalry arrived.

Mom, can I borrow the jet?
Evidently the budget oversight committee has curtailed JJ's carte blanche when it comes to jet fuel.

Back in the Hailey-Hotch days, it always seemed like there was an undercurrent of desperation in their attempts to hold on to the marriage. With Will & JJ, my impression was love and understanding at the end of the day. Maybe it's the difference between "I love you in spite of the way you are" and "I love you because of the way you are".

Oh, and I kind of snickered wondering if the unsub picked up that RV at a Los Angeles police auction.
if you've got a perfectly good RV...
Oh, and hai, Bear. I absolutely squeed to see this recap. I was afraid you weren't coming back anytime soon.

Sorry to be such a fangirlish fanboy.
We'll see how long I last. Life is kind of full currently. But I am really enjoying this season.
I have problems watching Criminal Minds -- I keep wondering where Dharma is.
Dharma? She's been right there all along, in her Sanctum Sanctorum at Mission Control.
Did you notice the previous baddie was called Gulch? And Garcia's "my pretties" line? Shout-outs, you betcha.

We called Frankenstein when he was talking to the hand (as it were).

I noticed the black-and-gray team too! I wonder what the intent was, there.

And we were WAITING for Morgan to tackle that tornado.
Yeah, totally no place like home.
And we were WAITING for Morgan to tackle that tornado.

Perhaps Morgan drew the line at trying to be the Goddamn Superman?
He's the Hand Of God. Does he need to be Superman?
Point well taken, ma'am.
Bit of a tangent, but have you seen the vid of James Fallon where he talks about looking at the scan of his own brain and finding that he has the major characteristics of a sociopath?

Amazing what sociopathy can accomplish when it goes down a positive path.
Also, I see that Prentiss has finally joined the Bad Shirt Brigade. Her outfits in "It Takes A Village" made me suspect it, but the black pleather arm patches on the grey shirt nailed it!
HEE. A year and a half later, I was chanting at the TV, "Tackle the tornado, Derek! Tackle the tornado!" And then I came to read your recaps, and...yeah. We were all thinking it.