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"boom! pulverized!"

Being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 7x07, "There's No Place Like Home," written by Virgil Williams, directed by Rob Spera.

Obvious greenscreen is obvious. And I want this guy's powers of weather prediction.

Will said petrie dish! Aww, trouble in paradise. This sounds like Hotch/Haley conversations from back in the day. And yeah, Rossi and Hotch can relate on the dead wife issue.

Did JJ just lie to Will about missing kids? No, just omitting that these were teenagers.

Garcia is rocking the Victorian full mourning. Everybody in black.

Sleazy unsub is sleazy.

I love this M.E. Love.

"Mom, can I borrow the jet?"
"I think the budget oversight committee might not appreciate my generosity."

And Reid cracks the case!

Grave robberies are a theme of the week for me.

Oh, Garcia, your boyfriend does the same thing. Of course you can talk about how your day was.

JJ cracks the case!

Nice job making us like the ultimate victim  I'm not sure that Yet Another Tool Clone counts as another summertime classic that can be tarred with unpleasant associations forever, however.

If JJ hadn't been there? Morgan TOTALLY would have tackled that tornado. TOTALLY.

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