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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

down on the mainspring, listen to the tick-tock...

Promoted from comments in reply to merriehaskell:

Most things get easier as you learn how to do them. [Writing] seems to get harder!

The thing is, I finally feel like I'm not constantly learning new things... and when I do learn new things they're smaller and more defined skills or subskills.

So maybe I can learn how to do some of the things I already know how to do better, or with greater ease.


I think most things, really, are like that, if you keep trying to get better at them. At least, I've never found a thing that got consistently and sustainably easier unless I took a rest at a given level of skill -- and sometimes not even then!
Driving! Talking! Eating with a fork!
Bet you racecar drivers would beg to differ, and I know that I beg to differ on talking! When was the last time you tried to improve your fork-handling skillz? :-p
Heh. The point being that trying to do anything at world-class levels is hard, I know.

But I'm not a racecar driver.
I see two things happen. Some parts of some craft work become routine with practice. Most of us don't push our cooking or driving skills beyond what gets us through a day happily, and that level becomes fairly routine after a while.

Our standards are likely to increase, in any area we're semi-serious about. I certainly see this in photography; good prints from long ago are not always good prints any more. So even things we can do somewhat routinely don't always get easier; sometimes we get fussier instead.

Then, in areas one is serious about, one is likely to take on harder challenges as you get more comfortable with the last set of things you took on. I see people do this in the first years of knitting, for example. I see it with people learning to cook. And I see it constantly ongoing in people seriously devoted to cooking, or writing, or making jewelry, or photography, or whatever. No rest for the people who have their eye on world-class standards out there somewhere!