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Decisions, decisions.

I have reached a villain cut-scene where I need to decide if I am going to allow myself a proliferating POV, because it brings a great deal of new information, or if I am going use good discipline and stick with a character whose POV has been established since book one, even though it's less interesting.

I used to do this stuff on instinct. Now I do it by choice. And I'm never confident in those damned choices, because I can think of too many ways it could play out.

Sometimes, we are thwarted by options. And conflicting narrative values. Which set of compromises do I want to make?

I suspect the new character gets the point of view. stillsostrange says "It's epic. You're allowed at least one million POVs."

Ah well. Ask a novice: get a definite answer. Ask a professional, get a lot of hemming and an "It depends."

"It's all right as long as you are nice and know better."
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