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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds garcia girls who wear gla

Are you sure you're okay?

It's not that I'm not enjoying this season of Criminal Minds. It's just that I have no processing cycles that are not spoken for with which to do reviews.

The comments are all yours, though. Call it an open CM thread.


After the shark-vaulting WTF-fest of last week's "Frankenstein In Oz" episode, I was immensely gratified to get a Garcia episode this week. That more than makes up for last week, yay. :) More like those, please!
Garcia is love. And you have pretty low standards for a shark jump. *g*
Oh, and how much was Garcia rocking that kevlar, even if it's not really her style? And loving the color-coordinated hairband.
I'll toss out one for comments...

The theme for tonight was "choices".

At the end, Monica grabbed the pistol, pointed it toward Bill*, and the screen whites out as we hear a gunshot.

Now. Did she shoot him, or change her mind at the last second? What was the choice she made? We here at CM don't shoot an unarmed, helpless bad guy no matter how richly he deserves it. That would be an NCIS ending, and we just don't do those.

If she shot him, she'd have to be arrested, even if she got off at trial with an emotional distress plea. There was no indication at the funeral scene that she was in custody, but she could have been out on bail.

So. Did she or didn't she? The Lady or the Tiger?

Also, how much do I love that Pen had her baaadaaasss boots waiting in her lair?

* - Bill & Monica. It took me a while to get that. And Bill Clinton's from Hope, Arkansas.
I thought this was a ridiculously terrible episode. As usual, the acting was fabulous, but they were doing what they could with a god-awful plot. They deserve better.

We deserve better.
This is the one that made me turn off my season pass. The idea of a pervert kidnapping and grooming a child for 7 years to be some sort of wife, then kidnapping the mother to MAKE A NEW CHILD for him to raise and groom all over again... Ugh, you know what? There are some images I just don't need in my head. It's the same reason I haven't read the full Penn State child abuse indictment.

No mas.
Not relevant to any particular episode, I just want to point at this and goggle (link provided in case embed fails):

It is a rap song/video made by someone who loves Criminal Minds (but isn't, imho, much of a lyricist). It has maybe one good refrain (Wheels Up!) and another good chant line (You kill, I hunt), and the rest of the song is utterly forgettable.

Except that he's IN THE INFLATABLE PLANE with the ACTUAL CAST in the video with him chanting his lines and MUGGING GANGSTA-VIDEO STYLE.

If you have ever wanted to see Paget and AJ holding onto the wall of the plane and booty-shaking like they were in a lightswitch rave, well, now's your chance.

Thomas Gibson, hilariously, never breaks the 'Hotch Is Not Amused' face throughout.
Shouldn't have taken me so long to reply; sorry. Loved it.