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i stand with the sons of cain

At WFC, immediately after the banquet, scott_lynch and I were interviewed by Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing, and now that interview is live on their Very Special World Fantasy Convention episode (#152). We're at ~22:30, being kind of obnoxiously cute.

(The dress in the icon is the one referenced in the interview.)

(photo credit: Shelly Rae Clift)

Speaking of very special episodes, SF Squeecast #6, The Very Special Thanksgiving Episode, is live... and due to Very Special Guest grrm, we've apparently neilwebfailed ourselves. But you can still pick the episode up at the archive site! (We also had some sound problems recording the episode, for which we apologize.)

(This Very Special  Episode of the SF Squeecast was recorded with Squeecast regulars Catherynne M. Valente, Elizabeth Bear, Lynne M. Thomas,  Seanan McGuire, and Paul Cornell.)

In this episode we talked about:

    The film Dark City (shared by Elizabeth Bear)
    The works of author Jack Vance (shared by George R.R. Martin)
    The television mini-series The 10th Kingdom (shared by Seanan McGuire)
    Medea the Sorceress by Diane Wakoski (shared by Catherynne M. Valente)
    The television series The Outer Limits (shared by Paul Cornell)

We also asked George our silly questions.

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