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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

there just aren't a whole lot of things that are eighteen and a half minutes long.

I had pumpkin pie for breakfast and as soon as it's light enough not to get killed by a truck, I'm taking the dog for a run.

What are you thankful for?


I have that on vinyl :-)

Thankful for a good number of things, many of which are people: Husband, parents, good friends, good authors ;-).

Happy Thanksgiving to you.
You. :-)

My wife, daughter, and friends.
A local radio station not only plays that every Thanksgiving Day at noon, they have a sponsor specifically for it. </p>

My life, generally. Very little that's currently wrong with it (that isn't stuff we all have to deal with) is due to anyone but me, and from what I've seen of the world, that makes me damn lucky.

Have a good run.

Montreal, Puppy, my relative economic security, carbs, the smells in my kitchen, my extended fam, and my friends. <3.
Art, life, love, and the cat on my lap.
I'm grateful that my friends and family will fondly mock me out of it on the days I'm feeling like an ungrateful little turd.
I adore the updated version specifically for that bit about the President!
I'm SO thankful for my "new knee" (tendon transplant) and for the donor's family who were willing to give so generously in their time of loss.

Thanks for posting Alice's Restaurant, it's one of my favorite memories of my ex-husband, him singing huge chunks of it from memory.
I'm thankful that I can still remember many of the words to Alice's Restaurant, because the memory is definitely going a bit. :D *sings*
I spent thanksgiving at my folks' house, with good friends, including one I've known since 7th grade. The weather was absolutely gorgeous -- clear, calm, sunny and warm. It was a good day.