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bear by san

December 2021



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hustle mickey worrying

i wear your ring around my cup; i pour you down, i drink you up

2011 11 28 Squirrel 012

This afternoon's stunt squirrel. Not the best photo ever, but she was pretty spectacular.


Acrobatic Squirrel!
We have one that can do that, too. Maybe Connecticut is seeing the next step in squirrel evolution.

That or very determined!Squirrel.

My usual LJ-browser doesn't show images unless I select them, so my brain soundtrack there went something like "How can you tell a squirrel is a 'she' just by OKAY THEN MIZ SQUIRREL."

(The soundtrack then went off into the weeds of its own assumptions about why referring to a squirrel as 'she' would be non-defaulty, but that took longer.)
Yeah, definitely a mama squirrel.
The ones in my garden do something similar - the feeder is the length of their body and they can only grip at the top, so I've tons of shots of inverted squirrels stuffing their faces, sometimes with another one queuing on the hanger waiting for the first one to fall off.... (it isn't far to the ground, so they just bounce back up to try again).

Funniest shot recently (or would have been but for a flat battery in the camera) was a squirrel on the fence hugging an apple the size of its torso and trying to eat its way through to the other side.
That's one impressive little acrobat.
Nice one.

My feeder has one of the squirrel-proof cages around it, which provides hours of fun watching them twirl around failing to get in. We had one leap onto the window screen in a moment of confusion, much to the entertainment of the cat. (Ok, and me...)
*giggles* Also looks as if she's about to do a Mission:Impossible and slide down to juuuust above the ground. Probably to torment the GRD.
I know! Wait until you see the stained glass. *g*
::singing:: Spider Squirrel, Spider Squirrel, Spiders can, So she'll give it a whirl...
d'oh. wrong comment.

You win the comment thread.
That thing about the natural selection of the prey driving the evolution of the predator makes me wonder what kind of squirrel evolution we are driving by our "squirrel proof" feeders.

know fear.