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all the weirdos in the world are here right now in new york city

I'm quiet because I'm plugging away on Shattered Pillars. It'll need extensive rewriting, but I'm within three chapters of a draft--which is probably more like five chapters, because at least one of them is guaranteed to be Zeno's Chapter. I'm still missing a third of the climax, and a totally unexpected plot twist showed up just a few minutes ago, in the person of the proverbial man (sort of) with the gun.

I have written draftier first drafts--Grail, for example--but I have to admit as such things go this one is pretty incoherent. An interesting thing that's happening is that while I still underwrite the hell out of my first drafts, I am now aware *as* I underwrite that I'm going to have to go back and add certain I just make a [bracket note] of them when I realize what they are and where they go, and eventually I will go back in to the manuscript and I will organize them in the order they need to go in, and revise the existing scenes, and write the new ones.

So it's not that my process has changed. It's just that I do more steps simultaneously these days.
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