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till a casket from the witchwood bears my body to the grave

Pudge Report progress notes  

By the way, I am not looking for diet advice or suggestions, thank you. I have a plan that works for me and keeps me healthy. I am open to discussion and conversation about what other folks do to increase their health, however.

Well, as of today, I have lost approximately 85 pounds from my peak weight. I've lost about seven inches off my waist, nine off my bust, and nine or ten off my hips. (I'm not exactly sure what my peak weight was, because I couldn't look at a scale or a measuring tape, but it was somewhere around 290. I firmly believe in anybody's goddamn right to live in a body they like and are comfortable in without harassment or ridicule. However, for me, that was kind of awful and unhealthy. And uncomfortable.)

I am down from size 20 jeans to size 14, and from a 40DD bra to a 36E. (I know, they don't look quite that big, but I have huge shoulders, thank cod.)

At this point, I am off my hypertension meds (unmedicated blood pressure around 126/72, where it peaked at 160/95)--and today, I have a new and exciting milestone, as I noticed that when Rodney Yee tells me to hollow my belly... I can! And I can almost do a lunge without having to jostle my tummy out of the way. Another fifteen pounds or so and I may not even have that.

My goal weight is a nice fit 165, although as we get closer to that I'm going to start paying more attention to the mirror and my waist-hip ratio and less to the scale.

I've started supplementing heavily this past week (I was taking a multivitamin and fish oil: in a fit of irritation at mediocre iron levels and general tiredness I have added calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and a b-complex). It seems to be working. I'm perkier, anyway... and it makes me feel a little safer about the level of calorie restriction it takes to get my damned Ukrainian metabolism to use its stored energy. It's not insane--1500-2000 calories--but it's hard to get everything your body needs on a 1600 calorie diet, so the pills it is. Pro Tip: Wyman's Wild Maine Blueberries frozen in the giant bag. Good for your blood pressure and everything else, and a whopping 30 calories a half-cup. Also, fucking delicious.

Also, according to my third or fourth differential for the same damned problem, I may have an autoimmune disorder--psoriasis--that has picked the last few months to flare up. Well, it *might* be psoriasis. It's been previously diagnosed as eczema, as seborrheic dermatitis, and as a fungal infection. The steroids seem to be helping, but it's early days; we'll see. If it is psoriasis, well, yay, that could explain some of my Mysterious Joint Pain... it also puts me at higher risk for early arthritis and for lymphoma... not so yay. I have another checkup in two weeks. You would not believe how much the steroid shampoo costs. (!))

So here's to clearing that up and getting under 200 pounds by year's end, ay?

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