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bear by san

March 2017



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cat and mouse

if i had a rocket launcher some son of a bitch would die

Well... the three-legged dog is less three-legged and seems to be on the road to recovery, and now I am worried about the presumptuous cat, as she appears to be struggling with what must be rather a large hairball and not having a lot of luck with it. She does this to me every couple of years, and every time I'm sure that this is the one that will require emergency surgery.


And of course the book that was supposed to come out this month has been delayed to March, and various other agencies have been slow with contracts or with contracted payments.

I can't afford another medical crisis right now, cat. Hork the damned thing up, please...

Oh, the fucking financial misadventures of the writing life.


Presumptuous, I'm hoping you can deliver a miracle - so to speak - here. For your sake more than your monkey's, although it seems as if your stresses are aggravating hers more than enough as it is. :-(
Indeed. *g*
Ughhh. Need to borrow some Laxatone? We have almost a full tube.
She's getting Laxatone... we're hoping it works, currently.

(thank you)

Edited at 2011-12-12 03:04 am (UTC)
I take it that's the same as Petromalt? At any rate, may things come out okay for the presumptious cat. In both senses of the term.
Yes, fingers crossed that it does!!
Nooooo! Which book was that?
Oh, crap. Glad the GRD is on the mend, but damn, cats and hairballs....

Good gut thoughts going your way! Been through this with cats and rabbits. At least (so far, knock on wood), the horse has not shown a tendency to want to colic (she just wants to get lame instead. Much rather deal with lameness than colic. Gut stuff is Scary). So many good gut thoughts for the Presumptuous One.
Maybe it's just that I'm tired but, for a moment, I thought that GRD had actually lost a leg, not just had a hideous cyst removed. He is okay, right? All four legs still attached, just one that's not fully functional at the moment?

As for Presumptuous Cat, I hope it all, as they say, comes out well.

Animals. ::sigh::
Achh, I hope all's well with the kitty! I was just thinking of the GRD this morning, remembering that he and I share a birthday! I wish him all the best with recovery, and YOU all the best as you care for your beasties.
Oh, critters. Hope she's feeling better.
Hope it clears up soon.
Misadventures for sure. Contact and contracts just slow and low and ...frustrating as all get out.
All best to the GRD and TPC, and speedy recoveries. I started singing the song your post quoted for a title, and now I have an itch to go dig out that live album...
Hope the efforts of the presumptuous cat prove successful. Bless them both with speedy recoveries.
The hairball MAY be asthma. Consider mentioning this to your vet next time4 you go in- we had a cat die of it because everyone though it was hairballs until it was too late.