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bear by san

March 2017



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cat and mouse

i am in pain. i am in love.

Well, the good news is that the presumptuous cat does not have a GI obstruction or any masses in her abdomen that are obvious on x-ray. The bad news is she's hospitalized overnight for tests, I.V. fluids, and observation, as she's lost over a pound (she's down to a little over six pounds; she's a tiny kitty, but this is ridiculous) and she's obviously Not Well.

So we're waiting to find out, basically.

Cross your fingers for her. She's the Complaint Department, but she's nearly seventeen, and there are probably limits to the invulnerability conferred by even her attitude.


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Sending good thoughts for your kitty.
Good vibes to you and Kitty chan.

Fingers crossed -- and virtual hugs to you for good measure.
Good Thoughts offered, and available appendages crossed, on behalf of The Presumptuous Cat.
Best of luck, Presumptuous!
Good thoughts and healing purrs from our feline five and ourselves to the Presumptuous One!
Awww, good thoughts headed your way! I came to your LJ by way of the Complaint Department, and stayed for the Criminal Minds and GRD :)
Poor girl. I'll hope for good news.
Fingers crossed and sending good thoughts.
Poor kitty. Hope they can figure out what's wrong!
Poor PC! *crosses fingers*.
Aw, best wishes/healing thoughts for the Presumptuous Cat!
Sending good thoughts your way ... and Spaz and Gizmo send healing kitteh vibes to the Presumptuous Cat, as well.
Oh dear. Thinking good thoughts.

Hugs for you while you wait.
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