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"What about *my* family?"

The Bittersweet Science, indeed. Good title, guys.

But a little Thomas Gibson fan service leg porn is not a bad thing! And man, that was the least convincing doctor they have ever had on this show. Usually they do medical professionals and emergency services a bit better than the average run of network television.

The boxing trainer, however, was wonderful. Best character in the ep, frankly--agency, moral ambiguity, and so forth. I felt like it was really his narrative. 

And... they lost this one, all around. Man.

Some beautiful character bits--Morgan and Garcia's solidarity; Reid and Prentiss seeming more at ease once again (Prentiss totally cracking the case, and Rossi having to point out to her that she'd done so), and JJ front and center throughout. Nice ensemble work in this one; the plot itself was a bit patchy and the narrative lost tension in weird ways... or maybe it's that I was brushing my dog while it was on... but it did indeed feel like home.

And did I mention Thomas Gibson in shorts? Because that's really quite okay with me under most circumstances.

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