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bear by san

March 2017



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cat and mouse

We have an answer on the Complaint Department. The most likely diagnosis is small-cell lymphoma, and I am not putting a seventeen-year-old cat through a biopsy just to prove it.

So at this point what we're going to do is give her a whole bunch of prednisone and IV nutrients and make her comfortable at home for as long as it's not cruel to do so. Which could be overnight, and it could be a couple of months. We'll see.

I know she has a lot of friends and fans out there in the Internets, and I wish I had better news for you all, but at least she gets to sleep in her own bed tonight.

Thank you all so much for your support and good wishes the past week or so. It's been very much appreciated.

The good news is, the Giant Ridiculous Dog went for a walk today, and is doing much better. 


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Stupid fucking lymphoma. I am so sorry. I am glad for the good time you have had with each other, and the well loved and intertwined lives. I hope the time remaining will be as good.
Fuck cancer. Some days, that's all I got.
Ah, damn. I'm sorry the news isn't better, and glad that you have time to say goodbye at home.
Sorry to hear this. Much love to you and kitty.
:( Seventeen seems to be a bad age for cats. But when it happens, whenever it happens. I'm sure my Rat will be more than willing to greet the Complain Department and show her the ropes.

Hugs for everyone.
Dogs as much as cats...and I think I'll leave it at that here.

Elizabeth, I'm sorry. Wishing everyone the best however long it lasts.
I´m so sorry. My heart and my love go out to you both.
Much love to you and the kitty.
I've been offline all this week, but Imperious Cat is sent many good wishes from here for comfort and calm and being-at-home.
And good to hear that the GRD is doing better.
I'm glad she has you to take care of her, however long it ends up being, and if there is stuff for taking care of you, you know there are several of us who have your back on that if we can.
I am so, so sorry. {hugs}
So Very sorry to hear. :(

may it all be quality time for all of you..
Ah,me. <3 to you and the cat.
Sorry to hear, but it's good that your cat can come back home for any length of time.
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