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I am calling in sick to work tomorrow.

Guilt gorilla or no gult gorilla.

I have blogged it. Thus it must be true.

20 pages of Scardown edited. I stopped because I have a fever, and I feel like hell, and I am very very tired. Also, I got to the place where I need to insert the first chunk of new text, and I am not in any shape to write it.

Still. 20 pages down. That's a 20th of the manuscript.

This is only the third time I've worked on a manuscript that was already sold to do more than minor line edits, and the first time I've done it on a novel. It's sort of an interesting feeling. Interesting good, in an I-am-slightly-uneasy-because-I-really-want-Anne-to-like-this-but-confident-I-can-do-this-now-that-I-have-started.

We will see how long that lasts.

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