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Complaint Department: 1994-2011

Maeve turned back again from the north when she had remained there for a fortnight, ravaging the province, and when she had fought a battle against Findmór the wife of Celtchar mac Uthidir. After the destruction of Dún Sobairche in the territory of Dál Riada against Findmór she carried off fifty women captives. Wherever in Cuib Maeve planted her horsewhip is named Bile Maeva. Every ford and every hill by which she spent the night is named Áth Maeva and Dindgna Maeva.

--Táin Bó Cúalnge Recension 1

Yeah, I knew what I was getting into when I named her.

Complaint Department: DEITY! This CLOUD is not SOFT ENOUGH! Your cloud is better. Move over, or I shall sleep on your hair with my butt on your nose.

Here's to fifteen pounds of evil in an eight-pound cat.

IMG_0257  IMG_0347

20090406 007  20090406 012
Tags: cat vs. monkey, obituaries, presumptuous cat, sunil

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