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god help you if you are a phoenix and you dare to rise up from the ash

The obligatory 2011 publications reference post!

The Sea Thy  Mistress (Tor)
Grail (Spectra)
The Tempering of Men (with Sarah Monette) (Tor)

The White City (Subterranean)

"Gods of the Forge," MIT Technology Review SF issue, October
“King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree,” Naked City: New Tales of Urban Fantasy (Ellen Datlow ed., St. Martin's)

Short Stories:
"Dolly," Asimov's, January
"Needles," Blood and Other Cravings (Ellen Datlow ed., Tor)
"The Romance," Supernatural Noir (Ellen Datlow ed., Dark Horse)
"The Leavings of the Wolf," Apex, November

Essays & nonfiction:
"We're Here To Save You," Whedonistas (Lynne M. Thomas & Deborah Stanish, ed., Mad Norwegian Press)
"The City is the Forest: A Brief History of Urban Fantasy," Realms of Fantasy, October

Web Originals:
Shadow Unit (with Emma Bull, Chelsea Polk, Leah Bobet, Will Shetterly, Holly Black, Sarah Monette, Amanda Downum, Stephen Shipman)

SF Squeecast (With Paul Cornell, Lynne M. Thomas, Catherynne Valente, Seanan McGuire, and guests)
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