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bear by san

March 2017



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bad girls  mae west

uphill curves, downhill stretch, me and that cadillac neck and neck

That's the view from the porch, five minutes ago.

it's -22 F out there with wind chill. It's possible going out in sock feet wasn't my brightest idea, even if the socks are alpaca.

The video doesn't quite capture the mist boiling off the cold lake, glowing in the slanting light of the sun:

2012 01 13 Grand Marais 010


That's what you can see from your porch?! I am so jealous.
Not my porch. But the porch of the place where I am staying for a couple of days.
Ahh ok - still jealous though :D
Grand Marais is so awesome and Lake Superior is beautiful in every season. Glad you're enjoying your time here in the frozen tundra. :)
That's extraordinarily beautiful.
Envious and yet very glad for you! Steep yourself in the beauty...
I love Lake Superior so much! This is hardly its most benign aspect, but it never really does what you want it to anyway. It made me miss the Perseids once.

The December 2011 photo on the Minnesota Weatherguide Calendar has a similar photo, but with ice-encased evergreens in the foreground rather than a porch.

I live in San Francisco and frequently go out to the beach to watch the surfers and the spray off of the waves. The surfers wear black wet suits because the water is always icy cold.
The still photograph is very atmospheric. Lovely.

Now, you go and wrap up well, and throw a few logs on the fire. Have yourself a cup of hot chocolate; with marsh-mallows.
Man, that's beautiful. I would stay inside with seven pairs of alpaca socks under a dozen blankets with that boy I like, if I were in your socks. <g>

ETA: It's allegedly 69 in my living room. I'm wearing thickish socks and Docs, under a blanket and SquareCat (i.e., laptop), a rice-filled Alot of Warmth, and I have little icicle toes. It's kind of why I moved away from CT in '96... I start complaining in September, and stop around May. Tolerant boyfriend is tolerant.

Edited at 2012-01-14 12:54 am (UTC)
OMG, now I want an Alot of Warmth.

I went to college in Marquette and one of the only things I miss about Michigan is Lake Superior.
Absolutely breathtaking.