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bear by san

March 2017



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writing eternal sky rog

the rivers run but still run dry

Kirkus has given Range of Ghosts a starred review, which reads in part:  

This lean, sinewy, visceral narrative, set forth in extraordinarily vivid prose full of telling detail, conveys a remarkable sense of time and place, where the characters belong to the landscape and whose personalities derive naturally from it. Though the book is not self-contained, Bear provides this opener with enough of a resolution to satisfy while whetting the appetite for more.

Gripping, perfectly balanced and highly recommended.

...I guess I did okay, then.

Available March 27th from Tor!


I'd like to congratulate you on getting such a warm, lyrical review. I'd be happy getting any kind of review, let alone that one. Good going!
Wow. That's great. Here's hoping that this book will get praised, listed, and sell like hotcakes. With blueberries.
From your lips, etc!


Congratulations! It sounds great. Can't wait to read it.
You did great. It's a helluva novel.
Wow! Way to go. A star from Kirkus is a tough score...
It deserves it.
That sounds lovely. And gives me something else to look forward to... :)
Woot! Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to this one, and this just makes me want it to come out sooner (although, of course, it's probably better to have to wait, because if I had it now, I would not get any work done for a while....)

BTW, are you going to be doing any kind of book tour or other book-promotion-related travel, or are you already fully-scheduled for the Spring?
The full text review will be available to non-subscribers two weeks before pub.

As for book tours--I'm not high enough on the writer food chain to get those, but I will be doing a slew of conventions this year, and a signing in Boston at my local, Pandemonium Books.
ps-- um... the link to the full review does not seem to be working, fyi.
VERY MUCH looking forward to it!
*throws confetti, distributes party hats*
What a lovely review!

It really is a wonderful book. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Awesome - congrats!

With a 3/27 release date, when would be the best time to post a review?
Any time at all!
Fantastico! Congrats.
Lovely review, and though it's not quite out on the wife's unbirthday, it's close enough that I know what she'll get now (she got The Tempering of Men for Christmas, after all).
That's wonderful.
Great review. Makes me curious about that one.