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when the bad times came along i turned and you had gone

Hey, look, it's my ConFusion schedule!

11am, Saturday    Salon F     The Legacy of Thud and Blunder     
Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear, Howard Andrew Jones, Violette Malan

2pm, Saturday     Salon H     The Shared Universe    
Cindy Spencer Pape, Cat Rambo, Elizabeth Bear, Steve Buchheit, Tobias Buckell

3pm, Saturday     Salon E     The Writing Process    
Dr. Phil Kaldon, Elizabeth Bear, DJ DeSmyter, Jim Hines, Anne Harris

4pm, Saturday     Salon G     Care and Feeding of the Writer
Elizabeth Bear, Jim Hines, Catherine Shaffer, Gretchen Ash, Robin Hobb

5pm, Saturday     Salon E     Mass Autograph Session

8pm, Saturday     Athens      Reading    
Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch

Yep. All Saturday, ALL THE TIME.

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