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bear by san

March 2017



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when the bad times came along i turned and you had gone

Hey, look, it's my ConFusion schedule!

11am, Saturday    Salon F     The Legacy of Thud and Blunder     
Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear, Howard Andrew Jones, Violette Malan

2pm, Saturday     Salon H     The Shared Universe    
Cindy Spencer Pape, Cat Rambo, Elizabeth Bear, Steve Buchheit, Tobias Buckell

3pm, Saturday     Salon E     The Writing Process    
Dr. Phil Kaldon, Elizabeth Bear, DJ DeSmyter, Jim Hines, Anne Harris

4pm, Saturday     Salon G     Care and Feeding of the Writer
Elizabeth Bear, Jim Hines, Catherine Shaffer, Gretchen Ash, Robin Hobb

5pm, Saturday     Salon E     Mass Autograph Session

8pm, Saturday     Athens      Reading    
Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch

Yep. All Saturday, ALL THE TIME.


"The Legacy of Thud and Blunder" - One of my all time favorite essays. I'd love to hear your comments on it. Regrettably, I won't be there. Sigh.
I will definitely be at the mass signing, and at least one of the others. Not sure which one/s because there are several points on the schedule where there are multiple things I want to go to at the same time.

Loud Cthulhu (see icon) will be out and about with me and I would be delighted if you'd consent to let me get a picture of you with him! I often get pics of him with people in cool costumes and I've got a few of him with artists as well.
Absolutely. He can even sit on my head, as long as I get a copy of the photo. *g* Things On My Bear is a genre of photos around here.
Thank you!
*reads list and thinks, "Huh, Elizabeth Bear is in a lot of those sessions..."*


Man, I need to get more sleep.
Apologies, but... EEEEEEEEEEE... Blackfield.
This radio station... can you tune other (transatlantic) listeners in?
It could be worse. I think I gave Doselle Young just mornings.
I get a lunch break.

Besides, it's the old Penguicon hotel, isn't it? It'll seem like home. :-P
Two whole hours for lunch, even.

And I think it would be more accurate to say that Penguicon was in the ConFusion hotel for a couple years. (Penguicon has tended to skip around, ConFusion has been in only two different hotels the last 15ish years.)
But my related scheduling trauma is all Penguicon. ;-)