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i finally have one thing i couldn't bear to lose

Back in the saddle

With my draft, or on it.

We started at noon on Sunday with 85,709 words.

Hours since draft-kill commencement: 21
Microsoft words/Pages total: 90,292/442
Manuscript words total: 110,500
Microsoft words since draft-kill commencement: 4583
Sustenance: Chobani passionfruit yogurt, sea salt caramel, pork cabbage dumplings, potato and pea samosas, grape tomatoes, tangerine, Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, salad, sticky triple-ginger gingerbread, more caramel, spicy pickles, 6-grain toast, another tangerine,
Caffeine and caffeine substitute: Upton peach with flowers black tea, "Crown me" green jasmine display tea (2 steepings),
Tea cup: Earthbound arts GIANT TEA BOWL
Alcohol: the last tiny bit of the Laphroaig quarter-cask
Doses of NyQuil: 1
Phone calls from boyfriend: 1
Dancing: to the new Leonard Cohen album
Games of Bejeweled: 1
Sleep: 7 hours
Showers: 1
Exercise: --
Mean things: Healing touch failure, unexpected autopsy, garroting 
Darling: --
words Word don't know: --
Tyop: --
Tags: slide flat food under the door, with your draft or on it

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