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bear by san

March 2017



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writing eternal sky rog


words Word don't know: afrit, snugging, shadowless, irritatedly, resupply, rhythmless, handleless, oud, patchworked, wrackingly, catspaws, steepings,

4500 words today, and a podcast. I finished chapter 18, finally, meaning that Zeno's Book is back to having only one chapter left to go. There's a vague possibility that I may finish this tomorrow, but Monday is more likely.

It doesn't matter. Today, I am t3h s3x.

I am at 526 pages of novel, and the book is officially longer than Range of Ghosts now. I even like what I was writing, and I am so proud of the kicker lines to two of these scenes it makes me giddy.

There's a bit I chose to exposit and narrate that I may go back in the final draft and turn into a series of short scenes--except I'm not sure it's doing enough work to deserve that much time in the draft, and considering where my wordcount is, right now it can just stay like it is while I think about it. 

Jinky, I've done a lot of work these past few days. Mostly, I love what I am writing. There are a couple of [clever simile here] bracket notes, but either we'll fix that or remove the need for it on the next pass, so I'm not too worried.

Still not sure what I'm doing with the yetis.

Now, as I mentioned on twitter, I think I might go drink whisky and cry. Actually, I won't be drinking whisky, because Discipline, but I might cry. Given the state of my mid-back, it is a great grief of my life right now that that boy I like is too far away to conveniently demand backrubs from.

Tomorrow, chapter 19.

131500 / 120000 words. 110% done!


You are a hard-working woman and a hero of the prose revolution.

For future reference, Baththerapy's Sports blend is pretty good stuff.
Given the state of my mid-back, it is a great grief of my life right now that that boy I like is too far away to conveniently demand backrubs from.

While I would certainly not try to substitute for him in all ways, it's too bad I'm also too far away to take care of that particular issue.
Uff dah. I may require your services, come Boskone. *g*
I'll put the massage bars in my bag, though since I'm commuting instead of staying at the hotel we'll need to find someone who can supply room space if we're going to do full back work.

(The standing offer stands, in other words.)
I'm cheerfully happy with whatever can be done decently at the bar. ;-)
Hee. My head is now full of notions of rubbing alcohol...
Is 'snugging' a word? I know of 'snuggling', but not this 'snugging' you speak of.
Personally I'd use "snugging" as in "Snugging the blanket up under her chin, she let the warmth of the fire coax her nearer to sleep." But that's just me, and I might be completely wrong.
I am ok with all the rest, but I think 'irritatedly' irritates me.
LibreOffice knows about half of those words.
You are a person of mightiness.

You kick some word ass!
"Snug" is a legit verb. Meaning "to make secure, tighten." Of which "snugged" would be the PT/PP. Re: "4500 words today, and a podcast." Whither casted ye that pod? Is said pod viewable by the masses?
Ir's the SF Squeecast, a regular thing I do with Cat Valente, Seanan McGuire, Paul Cornell, and Lynne Thomas.

This was the special Valentine's Day episode, so it should be up soon. We deemed it the Awkward Episode, and talked about each other's work rather than other people's, and invited my boyfriend.

it was... awkward...