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labor of love is ours to endure

Range of Ghoooooooooooooooooooooosts!

That is to say, there's an excerpt at!

Also, scott_lynch and I will be doing a reading and signing at Flights of Fantasy in Albany on April 24th.

So here's where you can find me for the next 10 3/4 months or so.

2012 bear appearances

Boskone: February 17-19, Boston MA
ConStellation: April 13-15, Lincoln NE (Guest of Honor)
KGB Reading (not mine: I'm Mr. Lynch's arm candy for this one): April 18, 2012 KGB bar, Manhattan
Reading/Signing (with Scott Lynch): April 24, Albany NY, Flights of Fantasy bookstore
WisCon: May 25-28, Madison WI
4th Street Fantasy Conversation: June 21-24, Minneapolis MN
ConVergence: July 5-8, Minneapolis MN
Readercon: July 12-15, Burlington MA
Armadillocon: July 26-29, Austin TX
ChiCon: August 30-Sept 3, Chicago IL
Viable Paradise: October 5-14, Oak Bluffs MA
World Fantasy Convention: November 1-4, 2012, Toronto

There will also be a reading at Pandemonium Books in Boston at some point, although the date is not yet set.
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