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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

i put my thoughts back up on the shelf

Poll #1818049 You don't know beans!

baked beans?

Boston style
Barbecue style
Pork and--
Ick! Ticky!



where do you live?


Ceci n'est pas une ticki!


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What you really want are the root dishes, the direct ancestors of the American baked beans, something like the one I grew up with on the island of Jersey or a good hearty cassoulet from the Auvergne.

Mmmm. Peasant food.

Edited at 2012-02-10 04:07 pm (UTC)
Maybe that's what *you* want, but I'm rather a big fan of beans.

(I like root vegetables just fine too. But they ain't beans.)
Start with B&M beans, add chopped onion and garlic sauteed with salt pork, molasses, cut-up hot dogs, ginger or mustard.
...I gotta admit, the reason I do ketchup on the B&M beans is they're already way too sweet and the vinegar and tomato cut it.
I just made these in my crockpot (high for ~8 hours) last weekend. It came out tasting kind of like Bush's, which is a win in my book.
Mmm. Looks like a good recipe.

Just ate the last of the beans from the freezer. I should put on a pot tonight to eat when it's snowing tomorrow. *g*
Baked beans?
Beans cooked slowly in a crockpot or oven.

or from a tin from the store.
Actually, my answers are, well, baked beans are red/orange slimy things that come in a tin with a green and black label, taste nasty but are said to be vegetarian and good for you. And it's pronounced 'ketchup', but is actually ewwww.
Puisque ceci n'est pas une ticki, je ne le coche pas.
Yes, this.
Baked beans come in a can covered tomato sauce (and no one in Ireland has ever called that tomato sauce either ketchup or catsup) and are served on toast and eaten by students, or since we're in a recession again, everyone.
Many people like baked beans in many forms. I'd rather have oatmeal, thank you.
I should really try baked beans again, actually, it's been well over a decade since I last dared to try them, and since then I have changed my mind about black beans and chili beans, so one never knows.
I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to restrict myself to or from any part of it unless I want to. So... yes, what recipes do you have? All of those sound good.
Refritos, por favor.

We have to eat the vegetarian, because every other kind that comes in a can has pork in it. And pork doesn't like us. Bush's grillin' beans, vegetarian, are really quite good.
Do you mean ketchup on the beans as a condiment, or in them as an ingredient in the sauce?

The ur-beans, for me, are 10-bean mix par-cooked with a bay leaf and some cloves, and then baked with bacon and a lot of onions in a sauce made primarily from the beans' pot liquor, ketchup, and molasses (and optionally including mustard, vinegar, additional tomato paste, Worchestershire sauce, and any of a very wide range of spices). Shredded raw onion may be stirred in for the last ten minutes of cooking, but no condiments are used on the finished dish.

Edited at 2012-02-10 05:31 pm (UTC)
beans, side pork, lots of onions, a bit of garlic, some ketchup, dried mustard and ginger, maple syrup + crock pot = yum!

Adapted from my grandmother's recipe. I use real ginger rather than dried, side pork rather than salt pork and a crock pot rather that the oven. Tasty -- sounds good perhaps I need to make some this weekend.
My dad made excellent pinto beans. He'd cut up a sausage (italian, chorizo, whatever- it varied,) saute that with garlic or onions or both, then dump in the beans and a few cans of beer (stout or brown ale usually) and let it go for a couple of hours. They were awesome.

What about chili beans?
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