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Progress Notes

Oh, I do not feel well at all.

The Las Vegas novel will not leave me alone, so spent this morning arranging the chunks of it that I have into something resembling a narrative. I have about 13,000 words, it looks like, and I can see the pattern the book is going to develop on.

Also, it has a working title: Whisky & Water. Actually, it has about five working titles, but that's the first one I've liked, as it works on a number of levels. It appears the only way this book is going to leave me alone is if I promise it that I'll work on it during the intersices of the Scardown rewrite. Such is life. As long as I hit my 20 pages of edit or 750 words of fresh text on Scardown in any given day, I will not feel guilt about double-dipping.

Oz has spoken.

Ye gawds, I feel like hell. Oh, I said that already, didn't I?

Thanks to everybody who has been answering the 'tell me something' meme. It's really... just plain neat. Good way to turn one's freinds-list into real people, instead of disembodied digital opinions.

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