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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

uff dah.

Not only was I sick like a sick thing all night (GI cramps so bad I was just about to go to the ER when they started to ease--seriously, I am so wrung out it took me five minutes to put my pants on this morning) but the avast! update seems to be causing my computer to hang on boot.

And now it's my turn to sit with the puppies. I'm suitably sleep-deprived, at least.

I guess I can use the time profitably looking for a new antivirus program. Back to AVG, I guess, and careful of their fucking search engine hijack.

Here, have a photo of some puppies:

2012 03 07 Banyan's litter 003


So many puppies!

Hope you're feeling better soon. Sick and no sleep are horrible together.
I can practically smell the new puppy smell all the way over here.
That's a LOT of puppies.

Hope you feel better.

Avast does that to my computer, too, and gave me quit a scare last weekend.
It would be a really crappy day already, but... puppies.
Aiee. Been there, done that. If I may offer a touch of unsolicited advice, how much fiber have you been having?

And, if you're running Windows, seriously: Microsoft Security Essentials does the job. Not intrusive, updates itself quietly, and it really, really does work.
I may have overdone the fiber yesterday. But I suspect it's one of the GI bugs that have been going around.

Apparently it's a rotten winter for them, and the Boston area has been especially hard hit.
There have been a lot of GI bugs going round here too on this side of the Pond. So far we have escaped, but I live in dread... They really seem to thrive during mild winters/cold springs.

I hope you're getting over it now and that those adorable puppies help to make you feel better. :)
Feel much better soon.
I'm sorry you had such a rough night, and I hope the puppies are comforting. (Are they making little squeaky and snuffly noises? I personally think that's the cutest thing in the world.)

Next time...

Lead with the puppies, follow up with the cramps.

Re: Next time...

Depends on your taste in punk bands, I suppose.

Re: Next time...

I'm glad you've started to feel better and hope that continues swiftly. And yay, puppies!
Re: Antivirus. May I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials -- it's free, lightweight, and contains no advertising of any kind.
Yay, puppies!

(and, unless some of them are stealthing in the photograph, that is the predicted number, yes?)

Hope that the terrible horrible bug is now done!

And I truly hope you feel better soon!
Not to discount or discredit your miseries, but, PUPPIES!
Seven blacks, one tawny. *g* Mom and dad are both blacks who carry a tawny gene, so Mendel missed the count by one puppy.
AVG ...search engine hijack? *clueless*
Hope that is that for the GI thing.
Love the puppies.
Who are busy illustrating Now We All Go Over Here.
Mendel didn't miss the count - you just have to have LOTS more puppies to get it to work it all out.
Oh, ick. The GI tract is capable of producing some truly epic misery. Glad you're feeling better, if limp. (You and the puppies can be limp together, I guess, since they're so new.)
Thank you for the puppies. Who needs pants when you've got puppies? In fact, depending on the age of the puppies (ready to pee or ready to chew), pants may be counter-productive.

But, really: thank you for the puppies.
I started using Panda Cloud, and haven't had any issues. It's small, effective, and doesn't hog my resources when I'm trying to play a game.
GI bugs really get you where you live. *gives e-hug* Rx: Apply puppy snuggles as needed.
Oh my god, is it Avast! that's causing my issues?!??! I've been trying to figure it out — I've been having boot issues for a few weeks. Off to uninstall now, thanks!

I'll owe you if this works!
Did it work? I caught on because I updated... and the reboot didn't work. A CLUE! Even I c an notice that.
Depending on who your provider is - you may be able to get good Anti-Virus for free. Sorry you're not feeling well. :/
sooo many of the antivirus software options, these days, seem WORSE THAN THE VIRUSES.
My guy's a sysadmin, and even he can't find a really good option, paid or free. My current laptop has been an ongoing saga of swapping through antivirus options and using each one until I start getting weird video driver conflicts, at which point I switch, or just run unprotected.
Never gotten a virus on this computer, but I've spent days troubleshooting virus protection. This seems so very wrong.
Yay, dog larvae! SO damn cute.

I've had weird GI issues all winter. So nasty.