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bear by san

March 2017



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ace the wonder dog

this stuff will probably kill you. let's do another line.

Your adorable puppy videos for today:

Still deaf and blind, but barking and trying to stand up.

And now, back to the revision mines of Kessel.


It's amazing how much noise such tiny little things can make. It's like a really aggressive meeping.
As long as they never glibber.
Ista really thinks I should not play this video, because it teases her with puppies she cannot take care of, and now she is worried.
Maddie, too, is quite concerned about the puppies.
Oooh, I needed cute squeeking puppies today! The sound really confused the cat, though.

When do their eyes and ears open up?
Two weeks, more or less.
I adore puppies, and being allergice to dog spit, they are cute little bundles of kryptonite.

My Resident Evil Feline was most attentive to the puppies until the barking got intensive, and then he turned away to ignore them.
The redhead seems extra-squirmy!
Are the ribbons to identify them?
So squirmy and squeaky and adorable! Do they each have personalities yet, aside from the redhead?
Yup! Green is adventuresome, Orange is pushy, and Red is bold. *g* Yellow is a fussbudget.

red puppy

Is red considered an OK colour for this breed?

Mama looks contentedly beset!

Re: red puppy

They come in tawny, black, and grey.

So, yes!

Re: red puppy

I'll take a tawny one then, please.
Not right now.
One dog is enough.
I'm so glad I live thousands of miles away. I'm pretty sure I'd fail my resist acquiring a puppy (even if not one of those) attempts. So adorable.
They're noticeably bigger already...
Thank you. :)