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this is how i show my love

You know, I just can't manage the massive writing pushes I used to. Oh, sure, occasionally. Every now and again there will be an enormous bolus of words that just falls out of my head, though those are rare. Slightly more common are the days when I put my head down and grind and grind and grind until I get 4K or more.

A big day for me has always been closer to four or five thousand words than the ten thousand some of my colleagues can clock, and I can't do that kind of wordcount consistently. My best days ever have been in the realm of six or seven thousand: those happen once or twice a year. My sustained rate is about fifteen hundred to two thousand words.

But I used to be a lot more able to pull reams of wordcount out of orifices untrammeled than I am these days. Now it's definitely much more tortoise than hare around here.

I think I'm working closer to the boundaries of my creativity--I'm pushing out to new ideas--and it's slower than using the ones I had years of unpublished life to dream about.

We ain't none of us as young as we used to be. But at least I still have wisdom and experience and treachery on my side. 

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